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Chemical fertilizer applicator fertilizer machine manufacturer

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Chemical fertilizer applicator fertilizer machine manufacturer

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The main varieties of chemical liquid fertilizer are liquid ammonia and ammonia. Liquid ammonia is a colorless transparent liquid containing 82.3% nitrogen. It is an industrial raw material for making nitrogen fertilizer. Its price is 30-40% lower than that of solid chemical fertilizer. Moreover, the fertilizer efficiency is fast and the yield increase effect is remarkable. Therefore, the amount of liquid ammonia in developed countries accounts for a considerable proportion of nitrogen fertilizer, the application of liquid ammonia equipment investment is very high. Because liquid ammonia must be kept liquid under high pressure (the vapor pressure of liquid ammonia at 46.1 C is 175 kPa), it must be shipped in high-pressure tanks, and a complete set of high-pressure facilities must be provided from the factory, transportation, storage, and field application. The container on the fertilizing machine must also be high pressure resistant, otherwise it is very unsafe. This is the main reason why liquid ammonia is limited in China.


1. liquid ammonia machine and ammonia water machine

The main components of liquid ammonia fertilizer applicator are: liquid ammonia tank, liquid discharge distributor, liquid fertilizer ditch opener and control device.

2. draining device

The drainage device is the main working device of the liquid fertilizer application machine.

(1) artesian drainage device

(2) extrusion pump type liquid drainage device

(3) plunger pump type drainage device

3. liquid fertilizer furrow opener

The liquid fertilizer furrow opener should meet the following performance requirements:

The application of liquid ammonia is a refrigeration process. The liquid ammonia ditch opener should not freeze and clay because of supercooling.

2. Liquid fertilizer export should not be obstructed. Liquid fertilizer should flow out from the side holes near the bottom of the drain pipe.

(3) In order to cover the liquid fertilizer in time and tightly, the ditch opener should not hang grass and affect the normal flow of soil.

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