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Making method of bean bean cutting machine

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Making method of bean bean cutting machine

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Making method of bean cutting machine

The agricultural machinery used for the harvest of the bean cutting machine is a bean cutting machine. In the busy autumn harvest, farmers usually harvest beans in several ways, one is to follow the traditional manual way, the other is to hire a large-scale combine to harvest beans, the third is to use small tractors to harvest beans. Manual labor has a lot of labor, slow speed and low efficiency. Although the harvesting speed of large harvesters is fast, the cost of harvesting is higher, which reduces farmers' economic income. On the one hand, it can solve the problem of slow and low efficiency of manual soybean harvesting, on the other hand, it can save the cost of renting large-scale combine harvester. Therefore, this method is widely accepted by most farmers. However, the main shaft often bends or breaks due to the uneven force on the structure of the soybean cutter currently used. In addition, there are still problems such as unclean soybean cutting and can not work on a single ridge.


The soybean cutter comprises a main shaft outer sleeve, a machine base, a main shaft, a transmission box, a fixed support, a cutting blade driving shaft, a cutting blade, a sliding bracket and a screw, and an organic seat is inserted at both ends of the main shaft outer sleeve, and a bolt hole matching the tractor is arranged on the machine base; a slot wheel is arranged at the back end of the main shaft outer sleeve and a slot wheel at the other end of the main shaft outer sleeve. Two groove wheels are arranged at the end; the gearbox is installed on the fixed bracket; a groove wheel is arranged on one side; the groove wheel is connected with the groove wheel arranged on the main shaft through the belt; and the bottom is connected with the slice driving shaft; the slice driving shaft is placed in the fixed bracket, and the end of the slice driving shaft is extended to connect the fixed bracket with the slice; and the middle part of the fixed bracket is provided with a sli The movable bracket is connected with the outer sleeve of the main shaft, and a screw sleeve is arranged on the fixed bracket at both ends of the sliding bracket; one end of the screw is connected with the screw sleeve, and the other end is connected with the frame. The cutting piece is a convex alloy saw tooth cutting slice. A hydraulic rod is arranged in the middle part of the sliding support. One end of the hydraulic rod is connected with the sliding support and the other end is fixed on the machine base. The angle between the driving shaft of the cutting piece and the ground is 94 degree 97 degrees.

The positive effect of adopting the above technical scheme is that the utility model protects the main shaft by setting a main shaft outer sleeve, and at the same time sets two groove wheels, and drives respective cutting pieces, thereby reducing the probability of bending or breaking of the main shaft and prolonging the use time.

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